Tarot Card Game Rules and Playing Guide

Delving into the mystical world of tarot not only opens the door to intuitive insights but also invites you to a fascinating game that has been played for centuries. Understanding how to play the tarot card game provides an engaging experience that is both entertaining and enlightening. Whether you’re a seasoned tarot reader or new to the world of arcane symbols and mysterious figures, this guide will walk you through the rules and strategies for enjoying this captivating game.

Tarot Card Game Overview

The tarot card game is a trick-taking game with a rich history. It is played with a traditional tarot deck, which consists of 78 cards divided into the Major Arcana (22 trumps) and Minor Arcana (56 suit cards). While the game can accomodate 3 to 5 players, the most common variant is played with four, forming two teams of two. The aim is to win as many tricks as possible, guided by the powerful symbols and figures depicted on the cards.

Basic Setup and Rules

To begin, you’ll need a standard tarot deck. Each player is dealt a hand of cards, and the remaining deck forms a stock. One card is turned over to determine the trump suit for the game. The game proceeds in rounds, where each player takes turns playing a card from their hand. The basic rule is that players must follow suit if they can; otherwise, they can play a trump card or any other card if they are unable to follow suit. The highest trump in the trick wins it, or if no trumps are played, the highest card of the suit led wins.

Scoring System

Outcome Points
Winning a Trick 5 Points
Major Arcana Win Extra 10 Points
Last Trick 10 Points

Strategic Play Insights

  • Know Your Deck: Familiarize yourself with the Major and Minor Arcana cards to predict and strategize your moves effectively.
  • Use Trumps Wisely: Trump cards are powerful. Save them for moments when gaining control of the game is crucial.
  • Watch Your Opponents: Observing which cards have been played and predicting what your opponents hold can give you a strategic edge.
  • Communicate with Your Partner: In team play, non-verbal cues or strategies agreed upon before the game can enhance collaboration.


Playing the tarot card game offers a unique blend of strategy, intuition, and historical richness. It’s a social game that fosters interaction and challenges your tactical skills. By understanding the basic rules, familiarizing yourself with the deck, and employing strategic thinking, you can enjoy countless hours of entertainment with friends and family. So, shuffle your deck, gather your players, and step into the intriguing world of tarot gaming.

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