Double Solitaire: The Ultimate Guide to Playing

Welcome to the ultimate guide on Double Solitaire, a twist on the traditional Solitaire game that promises twice the fun and strategic depth. This comprehensive tutorial will walk you through everything from the basics of setting up the game to advanced strategies for winning. Whether you’re a seasoned Solitaire player or new to card games, this guide will help you understand and enjoy Double Solitaire to its fullest.

Getting Started with Double Solitaire

Double Solitaire, also known as Double Klondike, is a game for two players that involves a great deal of strategy and skill. The objective is similar to classic Solitaire: each player aims to build up four foundation piles per suit in ascending order. Here’s what you need to get started:

  • Two decks of standard playing cards (52 cards each)
  • A flat surface
  • A companion ready for a friendly yet competitive game

Setting Up Your Game

The game setup is crucial for a successful round of Double Solitaire. Follow these steps to begin:

Step Action
1 Shuffle both decks together thoroughly.
2 Deal seven tableau piles in front of each player, with each pile increasing by one card. The first pile has one card, the second has two, and so on. Only the top card of each pile should be turned face up.
3 The remaining cards form the stockpile, placed to the side.

Understanding The Rules

The game flows much like traditional Solitaire but with competitive twists. As you play, keep these rules in mind:

  • Players take turns, drawing from the same stockpile.
  • You can only move cards between tableau piles if they are of opposite colors and in descending order.
  • Every time you uncover an ace, it starts a new foundation pile that must be built up by suit in ascending order.
  • The first player to move all their cards to the foundation piles wins the game.

Winning Strategies for Double Solitaire

Success in Double Solitaire isn’t just about luck; it requires keen observation and strategic planning. Here are top strategies:

  • Focus on freeing up tableau piles to create more spaces and options for moving cards.
  • Be proactive about getting your aces to the foundation; this opens up the game for more plays.
  • Keep an eye on your opponent’s moves and anticipate their strategy to stay one step ahead.
  • Balance moving cards between the tableau and foundation. Sometimes, a strategic temporary placement can set you up for success later on.


Double Solitaire blends the classic enjoyment of Solitaire with the added excitement of head-to-head competition. By understanding the setup, rules, and strategies outlined in our guide, you’re now well-prepared to engage in and enjoy this compelling variation of a traditional game. Gather your cards, find an opponent, and dive into the engrossing world of Double Solitaire, where every game is a new opportunity to test your skills and strategies against those of your adversary. Happy gaming!

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